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Lawrence Ferlinghetti Not Dying


Lawrence Ferlinghetti Isn’t Dying

He sold his red truck, but he’s not dying

He may be losing his sight

But his vison has never been better


He just sent Greta Thunberg an email:

I greet you at the beginning of a great career,

When do we get the manifesto? 


But he’s no Saint, just ask Nadja

Or Mariah from Ukiah


He’s not waiting for Godot

He’s studying the changing light of San Francisco

He’s wondering what you think about ‘Little Boy’

He’s awaiting perpetually and forever

For a new rebirth of wonder - and for a few more sales


He’s having another surrealist dream

And he’s not in a rush to come back

(Published in Imagine Poesia, 2020)

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