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Ferlinghetti Day

Our daughter beat the drum
I replied to texts from strangers - fast friends by dusk
Poets & pilgrims, we started at dawn
Across from 706 Wisconsin at 7:06 a.m.
The old family home in Potrero Hill
An annual literary pilgrimage 

Across San Francisco to North Beach on March 24th
Honoring Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his birthday

The City’s Urban Forester, two years ago
Tired of waiting for the literary dis-establishment
Took it upon himself to declare it Ferlinghetti Day

Well if Dublin can honor Joyce with Bloomsday…

Planted two olive trees, met Mauro the man & Lorenzo the son
One helping ‘Little Boy’ come of age
The other, just a son caring for his father
Together, near the end

Biographers & filmmakers Giada & Elisa busy all week
So many of us, but just one son with his father

At the center, out of the limelight, within a community of care

Lorenzo will join us next year



(published in Immagine Poesia, 2019, honoring Lawrence Ferlinghetti)

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