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Don’t Blame Tech

In the San Francisco Bay Area

We demonize tech

Blame them for everything

The cost of living

St. Francis would not approve of this witch hunt

Don’t they know that the Bay Area 

Is the center of the free thinking world?

Better to blame the Miwok

Lewis & Clark

The Gold Rush 49ers

Jack London & Mark Twain

Emporer Norton

The Golden Gate & Bay Bridges

The pocket bookshop

The beatniks and Herb Caen

The great San Francisco poetry & jazz renaissance

The Summer of Love & music scene

The hippies that followed

Land conservation

The preservation of vast amounts of open space 

To the north, east and south

Harvey Milk & the Castro

Dykes on Bikes

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence


Bill Walsh, Joe Montana & Jerry Rice

The redwoods

Early custom mountain bikes 

Circumambulating Mt. Tam in the 1970s


Trout fishing in America



Dave Eggers


Rice a roni

The chime of the cable cars

The Parrots of Telegraph Hill – 

Which are actually kind of loud 

And now live behind me 

In the Bavyiew near 3rd & Palou


You can eliminate all tech

But San Francisco will retain

The highest rents in the land

Still imperfect

Still the last great hope at the final shore

At the end of the new world

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