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B Side

Do you remember where you were when the end of cannabis prohibition in California took hold? I can recall quite clearly, where I was the other year. I was listening to the B Side of Neil Young's 'Harvest', the way it was supposed to be heard, high as a kite, on the vinyl. The end of prohibition washed over me in wave after beautiful, glorious musical wave. The opening chords to “Alabama” striking me with technical clarity, pure, this one small clutch of song an entire universe in its own right, to be held up as one of the great works of art of all time, alongside Michelangelo’s bare David, The Sistine Chapel, or Kerouac’s 'On The Road'. 

Ahh, this is what all the furtiveness was about. This is why music has replaced religion, slowly but steadily, since the 1950s. 

This is why so many of our parents and extended families and distant friends have been visiting more often lately. Dispensaries on every block, giving a wine country a run for its money. Be cool, be cool, there's plenty of room for everyone here. A rising tide lifts all ships. 


But only if you have that kind of time

~ I never seem to

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