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"Bravo for your poem, Caro Chris. Un abbraccio"

-Jack Hirschman

"To receive a letter from Chris

is to watch your immediate plans get put on hold."


-Joshua Ferris

"From a Bayview beat poet Chris Buck, thanks for those refreshing words."

-Hunters Point Shipyard


Lawrence Ferlinghetti Isn’t Dying

He sold his red truck, but he’s not dying

He may be losing his sight

But his vison has never been better


He just sent Greta Thunberg an email:

I greet you at the beginning of a great career,

When do we get the manifesto? 


But he’s no Saint, just ask Nadja

Or Mariah from Ukiah


He’s not waiting for Godot

He’s studying the changing light of San Francisco

He’s wondering what you think about ‘Little Boy’

He’s awaiting perpetually and forever

For a new rebirth of wonder - and for a few more sales


He’s having another surrealist dream

And he’s not in a rush to come back

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Not Dying


A poem by Christopher Scott Buck

Photo by Christopher Scott Buck


Open Poem to Lawrence Ferlinghetti

from the Urban Forester


Despite our best efforts

Arbor Day is the least embraced of San Francisco’s events

People here just don’t find it sexy enough


Celebrated in America 100 years before the first Earth Day

And the Summer of Love

What if you celebrated the Human Be-In every year

And no hipsters showed up?

They are burning the man

Or at pre- and post-compression parties I guess


We revived Arbor Day here in 2005

Signature tree also honors local and Int’l greats

Cork oak for Rosa Parks on Van Ness

Coast live oak for Nelson Mandela in the Western Addition

And for Espanola Jackson of Hunters Point on Evans,

Charlie Starbuck got a tree on Geary, 

Still volunteers planting trees for Friends of the Urban Forest

Every Saturday since 1981

Using public transit & arriving early each week

Trees in the ground before most of the City wakes...


A poem by Christopher Scott Buck

Photo by Jonathan Condit

Our daughter beat the drum
I replied to texts from strangers - fast friends by dusk
Poets & pilgrims, we started at dawn
Across from 706 Wisconsin at 7:06 a.m.
The old family home in Potrero Hill
An annual literary pilgrimage 

Across San Francisco to North Beach on March 24th
Honoring Lawrence Ferlinghetti on his birthday

The City’s Urban Forester, two years ago
Tired of waiting for the literary dis-establishment
Took it upon himself to declare it Ferlinghetti Day

Well if Dublin can honor Joyce with Bloomsday…

Planted two olive trees, met Mauro the man & Lorenzo the son
One helping ‘Little Boy’ come of age
The other, just a son caring for his father
Together, near the end

Biographers & filmmakers Giada & Elisa busy all week
So many of us, but just one son with his father

At the center, out of the limelight, within a community of care

Lorenzo will join us next year




Photo by Christopher Scott Buck, Connecticut 1990

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